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The Best Air Fryers in 2021 for Healthy Cooking – Recommendations for Home Use

Living a healthy life starts with healthy eating. For many people, frying their food is fun, but they don’t know this comes with a great price especially with traditional fryers. Fast foods like chips and other fries are they are the main culprits for making people ingest excessive fats. The main reason these chips contain a lot of oil is the mode of cooking. You find that most people rely on traditional deep frying. However, nowadays you can reduce your level of fat intake by acquiring air fryers.

Air fryers, unlike deep fryers, are designed to cook food through high heated air rather than boiling in hot oil. They are capable of heating air up to 200 °C/392°F while utilizing less oil to deliver crispy fries. On the other hand, with an air fryer: no stress during disposing of old oil and cleaning of the appliance. Health-wise, these fryers are ideal since they lower chances of contracting diabetes, obesity and other lifestyle diseases.

When Looking For An Air Fryer, Consider The Following;

 Size/Capacity: Depending on the available space in your kitchen, this will prompt you to choose your right alliance. They are available in varying sizes such as small, medium and large. The small size has smaller baskets capable of accommodating about 1.2 litters. This makes them ideal for peoples with limited spaces. Large size has a generous basket and requires larger space; they can cook up to 5 litters.

 Safety Features: Cooking is fun but can be disastrous if a mishap occurs. Therefore, any cooking item should be enhanced with security features. When you are searching for an air fryer, it’s ideal to check whether the base is slip-resistant, insulated body, automatic shutoff, and locking lid among others. With these features, it makes cooking a bit safe.

 Rotating Basket: As the name suggest, air fryers operate by heating and rotating hot air over the food. Besides the fast-rotating hot air, it should have a rotating basket to ensure your food get uniform cooking. Further, with a rotating basket, it allows you to obtain crispy food with less oil.

 Temperatures Regulation: Ideal cooking temperatures are necessary to achieve the correct food texture. An appliance with adjustable cooking temperatures enables cooking of different recipes. Nowadays, air fryers come with variable temperature settings depending on your cooking needs.


1. T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Low-Fat AirFryer, Secure Lid, DigitalTimer

With over 60 years’ experience, T-fal is a household appliances manufacturer dedicated to easing your life. The company produces a variety of high-quality products which makes life easier. T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Low-Fat AirFryer is one of their best selling products and coincidently tops our list. Featuring great design and qualities, it’s possible now to cook a large quantity of meal with just a single tablespoon of oil. More to that, pulse heat system ensures even heat distribution; hence, allowing appealing textured food.

Just like others air frying cookware, this one also uses air to cook food. It boasts installed patented heat pulse system which delivers uniform cooking. The system is designed to enhance uniform hot air circulation hence leading to uniform cooking. Besides cooking using air, the device can cook a large quantity of food 2.2 lb with only a tablespoon of oil. This ensures that the food only contains 3% unlike with other deep fryers.

Cooking is now simple and easy to monitor. All you need is to equip your kitchen with this machine, and you are going to love it. The machine comes fitted with on/off buttons for a smooth switching on and shutting down when not in use. Also, between the buttons is a timer with a digital display which allows you to set cooking duration. Once cooking is over, the buzzer notifies you hence averting any food damage. The top cover isn’t completely sealed to leave windows for monitoring your cooking process.

Safety is greatest concern when it comes to cooking appliances. This is because some of the materials have been blacklisted due to harmful emission upon subjection to high temperatures. But, when you are using T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Low-Fat AirFryer, there is nothing to worry. The cooking basket is coated with a non-sticking ceramic material to give it durability and ease of cleaning. Additionally, no harmful material like PTFE and PFOA thus you can cook with confidence.

Well, the general benefits associated with this machine are many. One of the greatest of all is the ease of operation. This is due to the installation of a few buttons which make it easy to program, unlike other fryers. The removable and non-sticking cooking pans and paddle spoon are dishwasher safe; thus’ you can expect smooth cleaning while the rest of machine needs wiping with a damp cloth.

To conclude, getting this air fryer is a prudent idea to impact versatility, healthy and crispy tasting food in your home. We can give a thumb up to this appliance due to its patented pulse system and easy to operate the control panel. Compared to other reviewed devices this can achieve 97% lesser oil cooking making it ones of the healthiest. Depending on its capacity and features we can say it’s reasonably priced and is highly recommendable.

  • Non-sticking ceramic coating
  • Quick to clean: some parts are dishwasher safe
  • Has a timer and alarm
  • Secure cord storage
  • Cheap oil filters ring


2. GoWISE USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer-4th Generation, Timer, ETL certified

GoWISE USA is an established company s which manufactures a range of household products like bathroom scales, blood pressures monitors, pressures cookers and air fryers among others. The company utilizes the latest technology to deliver cutting the edge products which promote healthy living. Therefore, you can carry out your activities without worrying compromising your lifestyle. GoWISE USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer is one of the states of art machine dedicated to change your kitchen forever, no more greasy fries. With certification from ETL and FDA, the product is safe and clean to use.

Cook your favorite recipe without worrying about compromising your health by ingesting more calories. It fully utilizes the power of air to deliver crispy food without adding harmful oils hence keeping your heart healthy. Equipped with rapid air circulation, there is no chance of getting unevenly cooked food. The fan ensures that air is uniformly distributed in all directions hence delivering fast cooking. This is complemented further by the ability of device to achieve high temperatures (400°F).

Once you opt for this cooking machine, it comes with a variety of functionalities. This is contrary to some of the available appliances which are for single use. This air fryer features 7 preset programs for cooking fish, shrimps, steak, chips, steak, meat and cake. Additionally, as you cook, the basket is fitted with a button guard to prevent accidental dropping when you are lifting it.

If you are using an older model of fryer, some are difficult to operate leading to poor quality cooking. But, with this 4th generation electric air fryer, you can rejoice since it comes with a digital control. Moreover, you just need press a button and leave the device to do rest. In fact, it is touchscreen thus no more stress as you turn knobs or press jamming buttons. A 30 minutes timer further makes the appliance ideal since you can multi-task. Once set time elapses, it will automatically switch to standby mode.

Getting this device comes with countless benefits when cooking. One of them is the ability to lift the basket for easy food transfer to the serving tray.it is fitted with ergonomic handle and a safety bottom to prevent the basket from slipping from the pan. The LCD also makes utilizing thus devices a breeze even at night since it has a backlight.

GoWISE USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer according to our scrutiny, is a must have device if you want to keep your body health. It utilizes the latest technology to cook hence will deliver food with significantly reduced oil. With timer, programmable mode, and touchscreen control panel you can always set it your preferred way to fit your cooking style. Above all you can choose from the available 3 colors; red chili, black, and plum.

  • Easy to use touchscreen panel
  • Non-sticking cooking tray
  • Reduced cooking time
  • Perfect crispy food with juicy inside
  • Requires a lot of space


3. Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer, 1300 W, 16QT

If you have been struggling to find your perfect cooking device which will bring satisfaction and new dawn to your kitchen, then you need to get Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer. Manufactured by E.Mishan & Sons, Inc., the device is sturdy and delivers crusty food. On the other hand, unlike many fryers which can cause heat damage to your bench, this one is safe and will enable you to work on the bench. Also with a combination of triple cooking power, you can always depend on its efficiency and reliability.

Ones you decide to own this fryer; one of the features to enjoy is the fast cooking while using less energy. Forget using your old ovens and deep fryers which are less efficient and heart unfriendly. They take longer top cook while consuming a lot of power hence paying more power bill. You can now cook faster 3 times faster with this fryer while significantly cutting down your bill.

Cooking now is now easy, and you can cook more with Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer. Unlike many other brands today, it comes with dual trays which are ideal for preparing a large meal. Also, you can cook different meals at ago thus reducing the time taken to prepare. Amazingly, the food basket is transparent thus you can watch as your food cooks. To increase the efficiency, the device has a tight lid which helps to keep hot air inside.

The machine utilizes triple mechanism of cooking which increases efficiency compared to other air and conventional fryers. Halogen, infrared and convection heat combination deliver quick cooking thus saving your time. To ensure that you get your aspired results, the machine can be set to cook at required temperatures. Additionally, a timer makes it perfect choice since you can set it to cook in your desired food from steaming vegetables to grilling chicken. All these are cooked with negligible fat thus; you can enjoy the original taste without oil distortion.

As with others fryers where you are required to preheat the frozen food, no more with Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer. Therefore if you have limited time or late to work, it can save your precious minutes. It is designed to cook food from frozen mode without requiring thawing. On the other hand, with a large 176Qt basket you can cook anything without space limitation.

As we conclude, the fryer is exceptional in that it has a unique design from other air fryers. Structurally and functionally it guarantees you extra-high performance and cooking fun in the kitchen. With its dual cooking trays and clears basket it allows you to prepare large quantity while you watch food cook. Also, safety is commendable as you can use it over the table without causing damage. Finally, the device is available in various colors.

  • Dual cooking trays
  • Extra fast cooking
  • Ideal for cooking variety of food
  • Great taste and textured food
  • It’s weighty to lift


4. Philips Airfryer HD9220/28, Black, Multi-purpose, Dishwasher Safe

Philips is a known company in almost every home. This is because of their famous and widely used products ranging from personal care, home appliances, lighting devices among other gadgets. Now, though the company deals with different production units, the majority of its products are high-quality and appealing to millions of consumers worldwide. Philips Airfryer HD9220/28 is ones of their cooking appliances which have attracted large numbers of users with over 7 units million sold. You can also be one of these users and enjoy high-quality features and benefits.

If you have been using oil as a media of frying, you can now switch to healthier media; air. This is a certified method of cooking healthy food free from excessive oil. The air frying isn’t a miracle but a reality when you get this air fryer from Philips. Utilizing high-velocity super-heated air, the fryer will deliver 75% less oil food, thus promoting your health. This means it can either fry your food without any or very little quantity if oil.

As you plan to cook using this fryer, the results are appealing. The device cooks very efficiently allowing you to obtain your food within a few minutes. This is due to the adjustable cooking temperature which ensures you set suitable heat appropriately. Further, the starfish designed cooking basket boosts the cooking durations by ensuring heat is directed to the food precisely. Apart from temperature regulation and basket design, the timer is also an important factor which facilitates cooking of tasty and delicious meals with preserved taste.

When buying this air fryer you might think that it’s just for frying chips and other simple fries. But, it is designed to be capable of cooking variety of meals. Available with a range of accessories, it provides all in one device. Whether you are roasting, grilling, baking all is taken care by this single appliance. You only need to attach the right accessory and cooking is a breeze. After you are through with cooking these accessories are easy to clean since they are dishwasher safe.

Cook like a pro and keep your loved ones or friends begging for more. This is what you get when you acquire the device. Once you purchase, it comes backed by a cookbook with over 150 recipes aid you when preparing breakfast, dinner or even desserts. In addition to that, when you are busy with other household activities, they can’t prevent you from cooking. You just need to prepare your ingredient and put them in a cooking basket, then set cooking time. As cooking completes, it will automatically shut down to prevent damaging the food.

As we conclude, we can ascertain this fryer is high performing and efficient. Outer construction design is sleek to give your kitchen a new look. The versatility is fantastic when you combine the featuring accessories. This means you will cook healthy meals of your desire without having more than one cooking appliance thus saving space. Above all is the large size tray and provided cookbooks with many recipes.

  • Sleekly designed with attractive finish
  • Quick and smooth clean up
  • Ideal for variety of meals
  • Perfect heat insulation
  • Highly priced


5. Avalon Bay Air Fryer 100AB, 3.2L, Rapid Air Circulation Tech

Adding Avalon Bay 100AAB fryer into your kitchen is a noble idea in enhancing cooking efficiency as well as encouraging healthy cooking. It features a sleek design to complement your décor and add beauty to other utensils. The company has ensured that the appliance gives you the best result while minimizing oil usage to delivering crusty and mouthwatering food. With a variety of preheating options and multi-functioning capability, you only need this device and achieve different cooking styles. Designed with a 1400 W heating element coupled with a powerful extra-large conventional fan, now cooking is now a breeze.

The top feature of this device is the rapid air circulation technology. This is facilitated by the installed extra-large fan which drives hot air at high speed directly to the food. Besides high-velocity air, it also enjoys precision which enables the devices to cook food within the shortest time possible. Additionally, the fast spinning fan is ideal for removing the excessive fats from food to the draining basket leaving your food with a crispy texture.

After cooking, transferring food from the cooking basket to serving dish can be a headache. Some of the appliances overheat leading to difficulties when opening and transferring food. However, you can now use this machine with confidence. It comes with a detachable basket with an insulated handle to keep your hands safe. Further, the basket comes with removable non-stick pan and multi-use rack to ease cooking of different recipes. These interchangeable cooking pots allow versatility when working with Avalon Bay Air Fryer 100AB.

No more panicking or worries when you are cooking. Everything is now at your fingertips once you make this air fryer your handy gadget. It features an easy to set timer capable of running 30 minutes; thus you can cook as you relax. On the other hand, the temperatures range of 180-400 degrees Fahrenheit; it can cook delicate vegetables to heat demanding food such as roasting meat or baking. Once cooking is complete, the devices will automatically switch to standby mode while keeping your food warm.

As you operate any cooking appliance, safety is the primary consideration. This is because, in the case of a slight confusion, it can cause bodily harm. But as you operate this air fryer, no need to worry; its feet are non-slipping hence resisting unnecessary movements. Also, cleaning is smooth and quick with warm waters and soap or just putting it into a dishwasher. Above all are recipes books to improve your cooking.

In conclusion, we have evaluated this air fryer and found it to be sturdily constructed with incredible performance. Enjoying rapid air circulation, it is a trustable device to make a perfect crispy food. Also, the detachable cooking apparatus are ideal for eliminating the need to buy different cooking appliances. Finally, with a firm landing, you can bet your safety on this fryer. It’s available in a range of colors depending on your taste.

  • Non-slip feet for firm grip
  • Easy to transfer food from basket to dish
  • Perforated basket for oil draining
  • Non-sticking cooking apparatus
  • Doesn’t cook as fast as expected


6. Cozyna Air Flow, Multi-Cooker, Versatile Cooking

Kitchen appliances are useful in contributing to our general body health. If you take devices designed decades ago, they have a variety of drawbacks. Thanks to advancing technology which has led to improvement. Cozyna is one of the players in the home appliances like cookers and other useful kitchen devices. If you want to get one of their modern appliances, this multi-cooker air fryer is the correct choice. It relieves you the need to buy a deep fryer or oven since it can entirely replace them. Amazingly it uses hot air to deliver crusty and perfectly textured food.

Among the topmost features to look when you are buying an air fryer is the effectiveness to reduce oil in your food. Otherwise, if it can’t achieve fat reducing results, then you need to reconsider your investment. But now with Cozyna air fryer, you can be sure of your diet, it uses air for cooking with the ability to deliver 70% less fat food compared to ovens and deep fryers. This makes it the right product to pick for an alternative to fatty food.

Join other users and enjoy a variety of features stuffed on one device. You don’t have to stock tons of devices on your kitchen; you only need to buy this machine. It can grill, bake or roast food without adding oil or with just a tablespoon of oil. Besides, it has a large tray capable of accommodating 3.7litter, thus ideal for a whole family cooking. With such versatility, it is possible to prepare a new recipe everyday to keep your family delighted and healthy.

Another fantastic quality in this machine is the timer and adjustable temperature. With these features, it is possible to cook as you monitor the cooking heat. This is essential as temperatures are the greatest determinant of the type of food textures you will get. With capacity to heat from 176-392 degrees Fahrenheit, you can perform a variety of cooking smoothly without damaging your food. Further, as you adjust the heat, the timer facilitates setting cooking period to avoid over/undercooking which can compromise food taste and texture.

The upper hand of this air fryer is that you get two recipes Books whenever you buy it. One is a cookbook while the other one is an eBook. They allow you to access over 50 recipes hence keeping your cooking a step ahead. On the other hand, washing this fryer isn’t a nut to crack like in some appliances. You just cook and when you are done just dish wash it.

To summarize, the fryer is an amazing product which every kitchen must have. It is ideal due to its size, which guarantees a large capacity enough for cooking enough food for two people. As per our evaluation, versatility is also commendable since you can grill, roast, and bake while getting superb results. Quality-wise, it comes backed by money refund within 30-days purchase which is advantageous if you don’t like it. This makes the products a great gift option.

  • Comes with 2 recipe books
  • Easy to clean: dishwasher safe
  • Great for multi-tasking
  • Adjustable thermostat and a timer
  • Takes time to know how to operate


7. BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD Air fryer, Stainless Steel, Dual Conventional Fans

Black+Decker is a large company which specializes in the manufacturing of various tools and home appliances. The company is known across the globe due to it durable and high-quality products. This has earned it an excellent reputation and trust among thousands of customers. Now, when you want to equip your kitchen, get this durable and heavy-duty BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD Air fryer. You can always rely on it to deliver healthy and crusty cookies compared to deep fryers. Furnished with state of the art features, it is now easy to eat a healthy meal without hassles.

One of the exceptional features that accompany this machine is a dual conventional fan. Unlike the other devices available on the market, this one is super performing. The fans facilitate efficient and faster hot air circulation. This gives it more power to ensure that the food gets enough heat resulting to crispy texture and appealing color. The air circulation combines with high-temperature heating element up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to give quick and exceptional results.

The second feature which will make you fall in love with this machine is the timer. Although we have many different brands on the market manufacturing air fryers, many lack the timer. But with BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD Air fryer you can now relax. It is fitted with a 60 minutes timer to ensure your cooking is a breeze. This gives you the ability to cook different foods with precision without risking burning. Additionally, you can when still food is cooking.

When you are preparing food, it is important to be sure the s corrects cooking temperatures without guessing. If you rely on trial and errors, the chances are that you will mess up and prepares terrible results. However, the era of guessing is now over since you only need this fryer and cooking is now a breeze. It boasts temperatures variation from 175-400°F. This range is ideal for cooking variety of recipes from frozen vegetables to high temperatures demanding foods like pizza. Additionally, whenever the fryers are working, you can always know through the indicator light.

Besides the experiencing quality features, there are other benefits associated with this fryer. One of them is the cool touch handle which facilitates easy and safe opening/closing of the cooking tray. Once the food is ready, you can easily retrieve it without burning your fingers. Moreover, the tray is large to accommodate food equivalent to 2 litters. Cleaning is also quick and smooth since the cooking parts are non-sticking.

To summarize, this cooking machine is sturdy and durable. The construction feature stainless steel to keep it away from corroding as well as reacting with your food. On the other hand, performance is excellent compared to other reviewed appliances. This is because, has dual fans which increases its performance hence cooking faster. Also, the machine is a bit cheaper compared to rivals hence making it a recommendable product.

  • Great tasting food
  • Quick and smooth cleaning
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Adjustable ranging temperatures
  • Produces a plastic smell on high temperature


8. Power Air Fryer XL,7 Modes programmable, Auto-shut off

If you want to experience the real power of hot air, then you need to look for an air fryer. Going for Power Air Fryer XL is an excellent idea as it will bring power of cooking in your home. Manufactured by Tristar Products Inc., it’s a right device which enables you to check your eating health. The company has been on the manufacturing for over 20 years producing a range of products from sports to home appliances. Power Air Fryer XL is just one of their innovative cookware which is ideal for cooking fries minus oil. Thereby, you can check your daily calories intake to keep fit.

One of the greatest features of air fryers is the ability to cook food with minimal or without cooking oil. This one is not an exception as you can comfortably prepare crispy food. It uses highly heated air up to 400°F hence achieving complete cooking while reducing oil usage. In fact, the device helps to reduce up to 80% calories hence ensuring management of daily uptake. With it no oilier chips which compromise the taste.

Another feature in this device is the device is the ability to shut down automatically. This is an ideal quality especially if you are in a busy kitchen. It stops cooking once you open the food tray hence won’t cause burning of food. Additionally, when you close the tray, the fryer will resume cooking automatically. Thereby, as you continue with other house chores, it is now possible to efficiently cook without risking burning food.

Well, cooking one restricted mode can be boring as it calls for buying of various kitchenware. But now with air fryer, you can cook a variety of food through changing the cooking mode. It comes with a digital control panel which is pre-set to 7 modes hence cooking is simple. In fact, it can bake, steam, fry, grill and sautés with just a touch of a button. The whole programming feature eliminates guesswork as you cook thus delivering mouthwatering meal.

Besides enjoying cutting the edge features, this fryer comes with tons of benefits. Once you are using it, no more hassles when cleaning, it comes with detachable food basket which is dishwasher safe. The other way to enjoy the device is the ability to utilize it for various cooking. Having a 6-in-1 functionality, there is no need of buying tons of cookware. A recipe book also is a great benefit even for the people who are news to cooking.

Power Air Fryer XL is a truly powerful cooking device worth adding to your kitchen. Just as its name, it’s a great cookware which will deliver crusty food. Efficiency is commendable with the capacity to achieve 400 degrees Fahrenheit thus you can cook the meal within a few minutes. Also, the digital control panel gives an upper hand when it comes to user-friendliness. The device is ideal as a gift for any kitchen as it is available in four sizes, 3.4 QT, 3.4QT deluxe, 5.4QT and 5.4QT deluxe.

  • 80% fewer calories than conventional fryers
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Versatile: 6-in-one cooking modes
  • Difficult to close the tray when hot


9. DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer-1500W, Temperature Control, Timer

Are you aspiring for a way to improve your healthy by minimizing fat intake? It’s very simple; you just need an air fryer. Of course not any other but DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer will achieve that. Manufactured featuring the top most technology, the device can’t let you down. This latest generation fryer is designed to be programmable and has an easy to use control panel to make your work simple. On the other hand, it saves time due to the adjustable temperatures depending on what you are cooking. Above all, you can multitask since timers allow you to sets cooking time.

One of the features in this fryer which makes it ideal selection is its powerful frying technology. Unlike the deep fryers, this device is constructed to cook your food from a high-speed hot air thus you can achieve zero fat cooking. Moreover, with less or no oil, the fryer helps you to keep a bay some of the conditions associated with excessive intake of fatty foods. Above all, a true crispy feeling is achieved.

To make cooking more appealing, the device is fitted with control knobs and other programming knobs. Depending on the heat requirements of what you are cooking, you can regulate the temperatures with the installed knob. It has a range of 175-392 degree Fahrenheit hence allowing cooking of a variety of food. Further, it also comes with a timer to allow you to set the appropriate cooking time. Once the time elapses, the fryer will shut automatically to prevent food from burning.

Another feature to celebrate is the construction design of this fryer. Both interior and exterior are designed to ease all the operations. The fitted basket is detachable to allow you to have an easy time when transferring food to serving the dish. Carrying the fryer is also safe since its food basket has a plastic protective cover which prevents spilling in cases of accidental drop. Additionally, always as you operate the device, it has a power indicator to show when it is on.

Now, when s you get this air fryer, there are numerous merits which accompany it. Needless to say, the main one is ability to monitor your calories intake emanating from the cooking oils/fats. In fact, it can cook your food oil-free while keeping it’s crispy. Another way is its large basket and mesh which allows for preparing a larger quantity of food. The mesh has a capacity of 2.8 Quart while frying pan can hold 4.4 Quart and it’s detachable.

Now, our verdict concerning this fryer is that it is high-performing and user-friendly. Whether you are the first time user, the device will give you an easy time since it comes with manual and adjusting knobs. According to our evaluation, the timer proved essential as it allows you to multi-task. Above all, is the super performance due to heavy duty heater with a power rating of 1500 W.

  • Large food basket/ mesh
  • Adjustable temperatures and a timer
  • Plastic protected external
  • Comes with manual and recipe book
  • Exterior gets hot & uncomfortable


10. Gourmia GTA2500 Fast Action Air Fryer/Griller/Roaster, Recipe book, easy to clean

Gourmia is a company which manufactures a variety of electrical kitchen appliances such as pressure cookers, meat mincers, and air fryers among others. The company is dedicated to providing high-tech home appliances to make sure you enjoy cooking as well as making healthy meals. Among the company known items is Gourmia GTA2500 Fast Action Air Fryer. It is a state of art device which can fry, grill or roast your food since it comes with a variety of attachment. With non-stick interior and recipe book, it is possible to cook your favorite meal as well as trying news ones.

Frying is now in next level with this Gourmia air fryer, no more dipping your chips in a sea of oil denying them a crispy look and taste. Once you have this appliance, it utilizes the power of hot air to cook your fries. Therefore, if you don’t like food stuffed with a lot of oil, here is your perfect fryer. The device will always leave your food tasting great, tender with balanced moisture.

Is your old deep fryer giving headache when it comes to cleaning? It must be because of the retained grease. But, you can move away from that if you have this Gourmia air fryer. Once you are cooking it requires less oil requirement since it utilizes hot air to cook food. Its interior is stainless steel together with other attachments to ensure your cooking is non-sticking. This makes cleaning quick and easy unlike in deep flyers.

Versatility, when cooking is, is what everyone aspires. When you buy an appliance, it should be able to perform more than one activity. This fryer is designed to offer a range of performances, whether you want to roast, bake, grill or steam among other cooking. Once purchased, the fryer comes with 11 attachments to facilitate different modes of cooking. Further, attaching and detaching these accessories is simple thus making it smooth to switch from one mode to another easily and quickly.

Among many benefits which come with these fryers is a free cooking recipe book. Apart from your known cooking styles, now you will have a complementary recipe from world top chefs. This is significant since it enables you to experience news cooking style everyday. Also, the recipe is essential whether you are preparing family or a large event meal. Additionally, cooking is fast with this device saving your time. It can cook 60% faster than conventional appliances like ovens and deep fryers.

To summarize, we can say this air fryer is a perfect cookware. Its performance is incredible, with 60% fasters than other cooking appliances; we can bet it will also amaze you. Additionally, the ability to offer 360 degrees rotation when cooking; greatly reduces oil usage hence improving the taste of your food. Finally, with 11 attachments and 10 cooking modes, it is what every kitchen needs.

  • Non-stick interior
  • Highly versatile fryer
  • Intuitive digital control panel
  • Attractive and futuristic design
  • A bit loud when operating


There are many cooking appliances designed to aid in cooking at home or for commercial purposes. But these days the key property to check is the healthy implications and efficiency. Many people are still unaware that air can cook even better and healthier than oil. Now, these reviews will give you detailed information concerning the air fryers, their features and what to look when buying. We hope you will find your best companion to keep your body healthy in check. Good luck!

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