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Best Men’s Basketball Shoes in 2021 – Top Brands to Consider 

A shoe store may strike you as the best place to go shopping for a pair of basketball shoes. But when you are faced with rows and rows of shoes with near similarities, you may even walk out after sampling a few of them because you can’t tell apart their designs. The thing with basketball shoes is that if you don’t really know what you’re looking for, you may end up with just an athletic shoe, which does not match the versatility you want.

Factors to Consider When Buying Basketball Shoes For Men

Here, we have overturned the market to find just the right kicks to brighten your court days. These shoes are the correct prescription for basketball demands. The construction, the stability, and the support they offer apply only to the basketball player. Also, grab attention with the best watches for men to add to the elegance in casual wear.

Ankle Support: Basketball is based on fast lateral movements where the ankle is deemed to receive the impact. You’ll need to compare the shoe with the greatest ankle support to prevent injuries and loss of balance when in play. A good basketball shoe will be stiff without feeling tight. It will fit snugly and still feel comfortable.

More to the support is the construction of the inner soles. Most shoes carry foam insoles that contribute to the comfort and support of the fit. Another textile should be fully examined before you make a choice.

Outsole Traction: Making cuts, twists and stops in play require that you have stability and balance. A well-cut shoe without the proper outsole is the last thing you need on the field. Examine the pattern and the density of the rubber that makes your sneaker. Can it tackle different surfaces, and can it grasp the floor when you need it to?

Lockdown: Should you go with laces, zippers or straps? Optimal ankle stabilization calls for a form of closure. You’ll need a lockdown that will not loosen up in the middle of play. Laces are the most common type of closure, but you also need to look at the material so that it may not be flimsy.

Price: Are you paying for a brand or the shoe? Basketball is regarded highly, and the manufacturers of these shoes have carved out a name in fashion. You’ll find some makes range very high in price, but the quality matches some of the brands at an affordable rate.

If style is what you’re looking for, then an upscale shoe may not bother you. But if you are in it for the shoe, it’s easy to find a high-end shoe at a lower cost

High-Cut, Mid-Cut or Low-Cut: Basketball shoes are usually categorized in three forms based on where they meet the ankle. A low-cut sits below the ankle while a mid-cut reaches just at the ankle level without covering it entirely and for the high-cut, well, it wraps extensively around the ankle. High-cut shoes are seen to afford more support to the ankle because they are well cushioned, but they are also a bit heavy. If you need stability or are a center player, this is your best bet.

For the mid-cut shoes, they as flexible as the support they offer and the most preferred by most players. Low-cuts are the go to for speed and complete ankle flexibility. The downside for them is their possibility of giving you a rolled ankle.

10. adidas Light Em Up 2 Performance Men’s Basketball Shoes

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As a serious basketball player, you cannot afford to train in uncomfortable shoes. You’ll need a shoe specifically designed for this sport. adidas Light Em Up 2, proves to be the ideal trainer’s shoe as it affords a snug fit while remaining comfortable. It is not the kind of shoe to wait for a break in period when you have the correct size it fits right out of the box. Why should you opt for this shoe?

If you want real performance on the court, this shoe will offer the ultimate impact support when in play. Basketball is categorical of twists, turns and making high jumps that create significant stress on the feet and ankles, that’s why it features the unique bounce technology. It is a design that makes the shoe absorb shock experienced when the sole compresses fast during sharp directional changes. The bounce cushioning keeps you stable when running as it contributes immensely to the balance experienced when you adorn the shoes.

Adidas uses their advanced three-dimension technology to define this mid-cut sneaker. The central aspect of this style is to meet the precise contours of the feet to improve the flexibility of the users. This design helps particularly for basketball to kick speed a notch higher without compromising on the weight of the shoe which keeps it rigid to provide ample support. This aspect goes without saying that you’ll be in the game with a shoe that gives careful thought to the way it sits on your feet.

When it comes to comfort, you’ll always experience a cooling effect, due to the breathable mesh material that makes the top layers. They give off excess heat so that you won’t feel slippery because of sweaty feet. You’ll love that the rubber sole features deep traction, ideal for providing a firm grip on the court’s surface. You’ll be able to stop, turn and land without getting the wobbly feeling that the shoes might send you to the floor. What’s more, they don’t attract dust specs, saving you from wiping them after every game.

With Adidas Light Em Up 2, the locking system is with laces which when tightly locked, don’t unwind in the middle of a match. You’ll always feel secure in this pair as it allows fast, sound movement and helps keep you from losing balance when shifting your body. The textile and synthetic material that makes it is soft and flexible to allow painless twists of the foot when turning. And, because of the ventilation it affords, it will save you from fungal infections and smelly feet that come from sweat retention.

Adidas Light Em Up 2, is a great step in the right direction. Although the experts recommend that you change shoes after every season, we have a feeling you’ll have this pair for longer. It supports the pressure points in the feet and outsoles are designed to take on polished floors where you need the highest level of grip. For all the features it affords, this shoe is a total steal.

  • Breathable material gives comfort
  • Utilizes advanced bounce technology
  • Comes in requested true size
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • It is in three colors only

9. adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

adidas Men's Shoes | Crazy Explosive Basketball, Black/Black 1/White,...
  • boost's energy-returning properties keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast...
  • Lightweight synthetic and textile upper provides durability
  • Mesh tongue and heel insert offer ventilation; Anatomical lace system wraps the entire foot and...
  • Rubber outsole provides excellent grip

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There’s always an additional perk that comes with Adidas designs. Take this Men’s Explosive Basketball shoe for example. It focuses on keeping the basketball player on the court for extended training sessions, giving comfort, stability, cushion and impact absorbent properties. It is the power source for the explosive player who loves beating the game without minding the impact.

Adidas explores boost cushioning for this particular shoe which exhibits great support not seen even with other adidas models. Although it is a mid-cut kick, the full length of the shoe experiences boost-cushioning. You’ll notice that the (TPU) Thermoplastic polyurethane wrapping is what makes the impact get absorbed, so you’ll maintain stability when making cuts and dribbling in sharp turns. The foot doesn’t strain, and it eliminates the onset of pain and fatigue after hours of training. This cushioning also relieves stress from the heel which would usually result in constant pain. To relax those feet after hard training, get the best men’s slippers to give them that extra consolation.

The traction is perhaps the primary attraction for this shoe. Many would love to call it the coral reef shoe since it draws from the pellucid pattern that maintains substantial width between each groove. The width of the slots is precisely calculated to support proper usage even when it attracts dust that may threaten to reduce the traction level. The rubber that makes this sole is also a soft type and although it gives the shoe the lightweight aspect. It keeps the player from exploring the outdoor play in it.

You’ll never find a shoe that gives great transition between the toes and the heel like the crazy explosive. The design is such that whenever you are up to making a high impact with the floor, your toes maintain their position due to the TPU material and the heel responds just in time for a safe landing. The sizing is fitting for even the wide feet. It may appear narrow, but the wide base affords comfort even with persons with large feet.

The main frame of this shoe is in a primeknit version that is stiff to eliminate chances of overstretching and making you lose your grip on it. This material is also responsible for providing the form retention seen after many uses with the Crazy Explosive. The locking is also quite admirable because the laces wrap comfortably with no signs of stretching and losing their strength. Its collar is another attraction that conforms to the ankle providing extra cushioning.

Adidas Crazy Explosive is what you want to grace the court with next season. With its distinct boost cushioning, you’ll never have a problem with keeping up with high speed. The traction is deep, and although it features grooves, the soft rubber outsole makes it just ideal for indoor training. Fashion takes a back seat with this shoe because it resonates the sole purpose of excellent performance on the court.

  • It retains its structure when subjected to pressure
  • Unique boost cushioning
  • Deep traction soles
  • Strong primeknit construction
  • The outsoles rubber is very soft so the pair cannot be of use outdoors

8. Men’s Lockdown Under Armour Basketball Cross-Trainer Shoe

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Great versatility is experienced with the Men’s Lockdown Under Armour Basketball cross-trainer shoe. It exhibits stability and support to assist you in championing the court in all its glory. If you want to train hard and longer, you’ll want to invest in the Lockdown. With it, control is achieved, and training is involved in advancing in the game rather than keeping your balance because the shoe has taken care of that part.

All you need is show up in this shoe, and the game will flow smoothly. Molded Eva material makes the full length of the midsole. As you can already tell, it will be a real lightweight since EVA is known for its foamy element which delivers a buoyant like feeling. You’ll want to feel your shoes do not hold you back when it comes to speed. The lockdown gives the proper comfort that makes running, and high jumps seem like a breeze,

These trainers have been designed to offer increased breathability and proper ankle support through the leather blended expressed in the top construction. You’ll like that it has the structural ability to keep your ankle safe from strain and twisting when making linear movements. It has been styled to benefit from the herringbone outsole pattern in a full rubber make. It is meant to meet the demands of both hard and soft slippery surfaces to give you enough grip even when you slide in to take a shot. This is the shoe that will give you durability to last throughout a season.

The comfort level extends to the cushioned ankle collar which is dense to provide extra support. These trainers will keep the ankle steady when turning and prevent you from straining your heel during impact. The shoe also helps your toes to stay in place such that with every movement you make, your feet will not twist to the side resulting in a painful injury. Your mobility and range of movement will see expansive advantages as you’ll develop stronger muscles, less susceptible to injury.

This shoe is built to meet your specific needs and personal friends. Not only does it come in different colors but it also comes in attractive top patterns. The sock liner is also foam padded to keep your feet comfortable as it absorbs the sweat. You’ll have a smooth ride in airy shoes which will also serve to keep your feet healthy. Because of the interior padding, it gives you the flexibility to move fast without sliding from the inside.

This is a basketball beginner’s shoe, as they learn to keep it together without worrying about how their feet feel in their shoe. If your son is just starting out, he will greatly benefit from it. Grab a gift wrap and present this pair, their feet will thank you later. The Under Armour Lockdown is one cheap pair that will make training less gruesome and more rewarding.

  • Built for support during impact
  • Proper aeration in top and inner layers
  • Foam padding adds comfort
  • Lightweight to increase mobility
  • They can fit the casual outfit style
  • The exact size of your feet may come off as a little tighter; one needs to order a half size higher

7. adidas Men’s Crazy 8 Performance Basketball Shoe

adidas Men's Crazy 8 Basketball Shoe, Blue/Collegiate Royal/Ray Blue...
  • Synthetic upper for durability and light weight
  • Mesh lining offers breathability
  • Tongue and heel pulls help simplify entry
  • Torsion system for midfoot integrity; pure motion midsole mimics the natural stability, efficiency...

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There’s never a better way to get your groove on in the basketball game than with the adidas Men’s Crazy 8 Performance basketball shoe. It is designed to meet the final whistle with explosive energy since the comfort they offer will always keep your feet in fully bouncy support. You will gain from the all through freshness so that even in a live game, you can showcase your full potential without shoe limitations.

This is a high-end shoe which takes on the natural contours of the feet to make for a flexible time on the court. You’ll be impressed by the upper layer construction from synthetic leather and woven fabric. This gives it the definition it has because it can even be worn on the court. It has an incredible feel to the feet as it is roomy and your toes will not get the pinch of a tight shoe. Although it needs a few days to break in, you’ll still benefit from the standing barefoot design.

The Court is the first home for this shoe. If you are an explosive player, then you’ll like the stability experienced in the Crazy8. As the feet do not lie flat in the shoe, you will be set for a broad range of movements while maintaining balance and stability. You can cut, and land with natural agility. This is the shoe the best dribblers have adorned on the court. Think of any real winner and look at their feet, this model is a made for the superstars, and if your aim is shining, then adidas’ Crazy 8 is what you want to consider.

Making passes is even better with this shoe. It carries herringbone patterns on the outsole which are effective for secure movements. The Eva midsole is a feature that makes the player explode with speed to fly high, and the rubber sole makes the landing reputable. Sliding to the rim and making a run for it is also possible as the cushioned ankle collar fully supports the ankle, all the more reason to put your best foot forward in them. Making sudden stops without spraining the ankle is observed by the outsole and midsole ability to come together to prevent the feet from displacing their position in the shoe.

Since being the best calls for consistency, this is an everyday shoe that does not require much care and maintenance. The rugged leather upper layer keeps the proper form of the shoe while the Eva midsole makes it lean on the lighter side. It is the best performance shoe offering speed and making clean cuts. The traction gives comfort for wear on all types of surfaces, so you’ll never be benched when facing off on grass courts.

Adidas Crazy 8 has many years of great performance. Following the “Feet you Wear technology,” this shoe is meant to live on any court with grace. It is a closed structure construction that will take you through a few seasons. It is propelled by the need to create style through the dynamics of design and perfect construction. When you want to kick your play a notch higher, you won’t spend hundreds of dollars as adidas Crazy 8 is here just for you.

  • Tough leather keeps the feet stable for fast direction change
  • It can be worn in contemporary styles
  • Light for more speed
  • Traction is fit for different surfaces
  • Some users do not like the bright white lines on some of the patterns

6. Men’s Master 2 AND 1 Mid basketball shoe

AND 1 Men's Master 2 Mid White/Royal/Black Basketball Shoe - 9 D(M) US
  • Upper design with quarter molding yields a great fit^Mesh tongue enhances comfort and supplies...

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As the competition heats up, it’s best to beat your opponent in style with the AND 1 Mid Basketball Shoe. It stands out as the shoe that will take you through a game with your feet still strong. It is designed for the active basketball player who trains every day and one who takes their time on the court seriously. This brand represents a dependable make with features to fulfill just your specific need.

The AND 1 Men’s is the shoe that will contribute to making great movements as it has the right cushioning to support a broad range of actions. The midsole is with EVA foam padding to give the feet a comfortable landing so you can be safe after swinging from the rim. This padding is not only for the midsole, but the heel and toe as well have a good share of the cushioning. The molding sets to take the natural sitting of the foot such that it has a raised midsole to keep the foot from lying flat in it. This means that the pressure points in the feet can rest easy as you’ll see wholesome movements without stressing a particular area

This is another mid-cut shoe that gives ample support to the ankle. It is in a streamlined look with the main construction from faux leather. It gives the firmness needed to keep the ankle steady while not digging into your skin or socks. This shoe carries a padded tongue and lace-up style that stabilizes the ankle area completely. It allows free leg movement to support even the most high-impact moves. With such ankle support, you can feel secure when exploring new moves to improve your skill.

When it comes to the surface stability, the AND 1 Men’s Master carries their signature pattern fit for dusty courts because it rarely attracts dust. It requires minimal cleaning to serve you looking in immaculate condition every day. This is the shoe you want when facing off in rough outdoor courts because it bears tough rubber that is hard to beat with gravel. You can still maintain the mobility and flexibility you need, and it gets better because you’ll have a complete surface grasp.

It’s impressive when you see the leather make does not cover every part of the top make. It carries only 80%, while the other is a breathable mesh to allow air to pass through to the interior freely. Sweaty feet should not keep you away from the game because you’ll always feel fresh, which will prevent you from sliding or the socks giving you a flimsy feeling. You can take on lateral movements in the sun as your feet will always be planted in the shoe.

It is evident that you can be focused on the game rather than on your feet with this shoe. AND 1 proves it can be your real friend on the court as it inspires skills improvement and speed. It is lightweight and offers maximum ankle support to cater for every type of move you make. The traction keeps you on the floor while the heel airbag keeps the heel on the footbed to keep it stable in different motions. When you want to see greatness, AND 1 Men’s Master is the way to go.

  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight but stable
  • Caries full-length foam padding
  • Solid traction afford more surface grasp
  • It comes off as a bit wide to players with narrow feet

5. Adidas Men’s Amplify Performance Basketball Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Amplify Basketball Shoe, White/Black/Silver,...
  • Lace-up vamp for centralized support through ankle
  • Adiprene footbed for lightweight flight and cushioned landings
  • Bold, breathable mix of materials and EVA sockliner for comfort
  • Subtle three-stripes webbing for a unique take on a classic look

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There’s a reason we love adidas basketball shoes. Take the Amplify look for example. It is a shoe attributed to style and support to what you know best. It is the shoe to take you through all your court adventures securely. If you are looking to rub shoulders with the phenomenal players of all time, their footsteps followed the adidas Amplify make. First, you’ll love that it represents the youthful nature of dynamic players who thrive in speed and making impossible angles.

It says it all in the design that you will be graceful in your movements, but your opponents will not be forgiven. Because you’ll be running like 100% of the time, you will obviously be sweaty. But with the perforated leather upper, it provides superior airflow between the shoe and the feet. You can go on with training or to the end of the game still comfortable. Aside from the airflow support, it has a mesh area at the locking upper part to release off excess heat.

The mesh area supports the outside of the ankle as it is highly padded. With the adiprene outsole, you’re pushed to better propulsion and efficiency as it adds to the small weight exhibited. It makes you feel light and up to making high jumps and dribble endlessly with maximum support when sliding on clay courts. The shoe is also the best when it comes to attacking and defending because it helps proper grip on the ground. The good thing is that the sturdy rubber sole that makes it gives it the ability to be of good use in the outdoor hard floor courts. Check out the best gym bags that will help keep you organized as you play on different courts.

Seeing that this is the best shoe for the centers, you’ll want to keep both speed and stability. This shoe carries an EVA sock liner which is known to mold to the foot giving you extra cushioning. It is meant to take you through the bold moves with flexibility while the ankle does not bend awkwardly. You don’t want to block an opponent and end up with a sprained ankle, instead, have this shoe on and improve the way you make past other players on the court.

The adidas Amplify reveals fascinating patterns and colors to choose. If you have several uniforms, you can find the color pattern that matches that style. The good thing is that it runs true to the size as many players have reported it does not need a break in period. It uses the bounce to give the foot a springy feeling such that the weight evenly distributes during impact. You’ll love it even more for the locking laces are smooth to keep the foot in place, securing the ankle.

The Amplify is a make that has lived through time to deliver excellent results. It takes on the natural contours of feet such that you’ll forget you’re in them as the feet will find a safe footing. It is the remedy for proper ankle support, speed, and agility. If you want a shoe made just for the court Amplify offers you the best quality at an affordable price.

  • Keeps the feet light and quick
  • Comfortable to wear with heavy socks’
  • EVA sock liner gives feet optimum comfort
  • Adiprene outsole ensures soft landing
  • Comes off as narrow for wide feet

4. Nike Men’s Basketball Shoe Hyperdunk 2014

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The Nike Hyperdunk 2014 is the number one favorite among centers and guards on the court. The support it gives is seen in the overall design from the traction to the cushioning to the lock down. It is an awesome shoe to play in as it gives just the perfect support to contribute to a safe and quick ride throughout the court. It is a shoe that you can wear throughout the season since it attracts minimal dust and is ideal for most indoor courts.

Nike technology is why this shoe stands apart in a lane of its own. The integration of Dynamic Flywire in the upper contains the feet in a steady position. When combined with the lockdown laces, your feet are set to benefit from planting on the foot bed; hence the movements you make will not impact negatively on the ankle. This TPU shank is responsible for cushioning nearly the full length of the foot because it is dense and allows both upper and lower leg movement.

If you want to improve coordination, look no further, the lunarlon midsole will help increase your response levels as it gives the forefoot and heel proper flexibility. Another notable feature of this shoe is the focus on ventilation. Everyone needs a roomy feeling but in the basketball, a snug fit feels better. This calls for breathability so that you can maintain freedom of movement. This shoe is a blend of mesh and hyperfuse materials that keeps superior airflow consistent while the shoe remains comfy.

This shoe provides the responsive and lightweight feel a low cut gives but it issues the support of high cut shoe. The material that makes it is rigid and it remains snug around the ankle because of the powerful foam collar. This helps in making lateral movements as it benefits from an outer thermoplastic counter that prevents the ankle from bending. In this shoe you can be quick and receptive to the opponent’s moves as any propulsion is met with consistency in the way your feet make fast cuts.

The Nike’s Hyperdunk 2014 would not be complete without the traction that minimizes spillage on various kinds of surfaces. It features a multi-directional herringbone pattern on the solid rubber outsole which gives the sudden stop ability and change of direction when need be. It holds up well on smooth surfaces, but even with the solid rubber, it comes off as a soft make that may not withstand some rough grounds. Even with that small drawback, it can still perform on most of the courts which are well-maintained to give more stability.

This is the shoe for stamina to well-versed guards and the fast paced centers. It is the go to for speed, cushioning and impact support. It delivers comfort, and the insole helps keep moisture at bay. With the articulated construction, Nike’s Hyperdunk doesn’t dig that deep into your pocket. It is the shoe that makes gifts special so go ahead and surprise a loved one.

  • Great lockdown capacity
  • Many colors to choose
  • Properly cushioned
  • Very breathable
  • Some complaints about the narrow toe area

3. adidas Men’s Isolation 2 Performance Low Basketball Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Isolation 2 Low Basketball Shoe,White/...
  • Leather and synthetic upper
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • TORSION SYSTEM for midfoot integrity
  • EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning

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When you’re on the floor, your main aim is to keep it moving with more speed and ability to beat your opponents. Nothing beats a shoe that keeps the focus together like the adidas Men’s Isolation 2 Low, for the perfect performance. You’ll fall in love with the design as it sets you for flexibility where the ankle is not restricted. Although it has a focus on kids, various players have found it to be equally satisfying.

This is a low-cut shoe, but it doesn’t mean the ankle is left to fend for itself. No, you’ll feel protected because the collar rides all the way across the lateral path of the ankles, giving you the flex motion you want. The adidas torsion system technology is the signature construction for this shoe. It is a design with a thermoplastic arch that keeps the front and rear part of the foot performing independently to give the wearer control of the movements. It also helps in maintaining the midsole to flex naturally hence the body will remain in fluid form.

This shoe is constructed for durability as you can tell from the stiff upper. It is a mix of synthetic material and leather to stabilize the feet and to prevent ankle strain fully. Leather is always tough textile that contributes to the strength it showcases. In this shoe, it is clearly perforated to provide proper ventilation so that it shall not bother you when you are all sweaty and hot. The comfort does not stop there as with an EVA padded lining, your feet molds into the shoe to complete a whole range of motion.

We can’t fail to recognize the superior traction it brings forth. With non-marking rubber outsoles, it does not give in to stress or skid on slippery floors. The essence here is to provide the exact grasp that keeps you from losing your balance when you land heavily. It is made for high friction surfaces because it is made from dense rubber that gives it the modern versatility you want. It conforms to feet, so you’ll be set for the control that makes training less eventful.

There’s so much you can achieve with this shoe. Its overall fit has been praised for being an exact fit, that’s why it’s popular as the best sell online. The color pallets allow matching with most uniforms, and it doesn’t just fit the court. It feels good as a dress shoe to adorn outside of the court. They are good on concrete so it should not bother you that after having them out you won’t be able to take them back to the court. Because they conform to the feet, you’ll feel they improve your leg movements so you can still practice outside on uneven surfaces.

Adidas Men’s Isolation 2, is more about speed, agility and coordination. It is fit for the young trainer as well as the center who wants to improve their leg mobility. Although you may not be able to land as safely as you would with a mid-cut shoe; it makes up with the excellent design. The cushioning is on point, and you’ll wear it longer than you would with most mid-cut shoes. If your teenager wants to up their game, you better get them these.

  • Great arch support
  • EVA midsole absorbs shock
  • Durable leather blend makes it
  • Non-skid dense rubber outsoles
  • It does not provide maximum ankle support

2. adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Performance Mid Basketball Shoe

adidas NEO Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe,Black/Metallic...
  • High-top basketball sneaker featuring 3-Stripes logo at sides and perforations for ventilation
  • Air mesh tongue, collar and rear quarter
  • CLOUDFOAM sockliner and midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Grippy rubber outsole

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It’s easy to see why the Men’s Cloud Ilation by adidas is the best choice for real performance in basketball. Being a high-top shoe, one can already get the essence of ankle support and a well-padded frame. It gives a wide range of free motion with the proper cushioning needed for explosive moves. So, if you love hanging from the rim, you might have just found your match.

As the name states, it has a cloud foam construction on the midsole. Your feet will always have your feet protected from high impact when you make side-to-side jerks or make sharp turns. This is the shoe that will boost your confidence and help you reach for the most explosive moves on the court. It has a rigid upper to support the arch so that your feet are relieved of the stress when you use the forefront to strike, and the heel will be protected from pain after the game.

The foot support on the Cloudfoam Ilation is made from leather and mesh material. With perforated details on the upper, it also allows airflow, giving the feet proper ventilation and keeping your feet fresh and cool. More so, the tongue is also made from air mesh material, so if you’ll be wearing thick socks, you’ll not feel all cramped and sweaty in play. The comfort it affords is so that you can shine at what you do best. You’ll also love the collar and rear are also airy adding to the total breathability of the shoe.

If you are looking to excel in all type of courts, then you should train in this shoe. It features wavy and zigzag traction patterns that keep the feet planted in. It’s impressive because the traction graces solid rubber outsoles fit for both indoor and outdoor training. They resist sliding along a clean floor and keep it together on rough grounds. This means it is made for longevity to break into seasons with style. You can make it your signature shoe because it rarely attracts dust that makes shoes prone to sliding.

The stability of this shoe is improved in the cloudfoam sockliner which keeps the feet in place. With the padded collar and the secure lockdown support is just a tight lace up away. With a dozen colors and patterns, you’ll never fall out of style. It carries a three stripe detail to help in color coordination with the uniforms you have. This shoe also has the advantage of fitting to size, so you don’t need to pick a size larger or smaller.

Adidas Cloudfoam ilation is meant to fulfill the need of the active and seasoned basketball player. Its quality reveals a durable shoe that will protect your ankle and keep you performing excellently on the field. You don’t want to look elsewhere for a court dedicated kick. What’s more, the price is very attractive to fit any budget.

  • Rigid top for stability
  • Fit for both indoors and outdoors playing
  • Very affordable
  • Well-ventilated
  • For some tight fits, it requires a break in period

1. Jordan Men’s Air Nike Jordan 1 Retro High Basketball Shoe

From the legendary Michael Jordan, Nike’s Jordan Air is a true reflection of stepping in the footsteps of the iconic NBA player before you. You get style, comfort, stability name it. In this shoe, you are set to take on the court in elegance as you’ll not only shine, but you’ll also score. It is the sneaker that revolutionized the basketball field with its leather upper and its sheathed air unit to give it lightweight cushioning. You may want to look at more of the Air Jordan Releases by Michael Jordan himself.

The stability of this shoe is gained from the rubber midsole and outsole which add some weight as well as the support. It is the best shoe for ankle support since the collar goes all the way around it and because it is padded, the ankle keeps it together during fast cuts and turns. The top make is what keeps the forefoot and the back together to prevent the ankle from bending. This way, sprains and painful twists are averted.

The Nike Jordan Air gives the best traction on this list. It features broad zigzag, pattern traction on a thick but flexible rubber outsole. The traction can tackle many surfaces including well-maintained floors to the dusty hardwood floors. With the rubber cupsole, it creates a solid barrier between your heel and the surface, providing more ankle and foot support on the ground. It helps you make quick rotations as the rubber adds to the overall mobility of the legs.

The need of support is high in this sport, but with this shoe, you get a flat make. This is not exactly a bad thing as many people love to move their feet naturally. The only downside is that fatigue may kick in sooner than you’d have liked. The flat design contributes immensely to the near lightweight attribute. This way it allows full movement, adding to the overall increase in speed. The weight also gives it the ability to take on the most explosive moves so that you can be quicker on your hands and faster on your feet.

This is the shoe where fashion does not take a backseat in basketball playing. It comes in all the warm colors to brighten up a tense morning in training and can be matched with casual outfits. The versatility of this shoe makes it gain an attraction among newbies and seasoned players. Because of the ankle support, you can perform with agility to score and to excel on the court. The numbering system may feel tight for the right size, and it requires a longer break in period because of the leather but all in all, when it fits, you’ll feel the shoe conform to your feet.

Nike Jordan Men’s Air basketball shoe lives up to many of our expectations. The traction is ideal for most surfaces and lockdown keeps it stabilized to the feet. Every dimension is meant to take on the natural length of the feet, and as it is built for speed, you’ll find that your movements are coordinated in clean cuts and turns. You’ll never find a shoe to grace the court better than the Jordan one at the offered price.

  • Its weight gives stability
  • Traction is best for coordination
  • Rarely attracts dust
  • Can be worn with casual wear
  • The insole is not properly cushioned


Shopping for a basketball shoe that fits your demands is not always as fun as the game. With the list above, we hope you can identify the one that suits you as a player. Since these shoes come in different cuts; it’s best to identify what each offers and pick the tailored one for your feet. It’s always good to read about what others are saying about the shoe and be sure to read more about the changing trends. Remember there are reputable online sites to answer questions like how to improve traction on your basketball shoes.

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