The Best Pool Vacuum Heads in 2021– Keep Your Pool Clean

Pool cleaning is an essential daily or weekly undertaking that helps to eliminate debris that often contaminate pools and prevent the growth of molds that are common when water stays stagnant for long. Even though the sweeping baskets that people have depended on over the years are cheap and remove macroscopic contaminants such as leaves and twigs, they are ineffective against dust and smaller debris that often collect on the bottom of pools over time.

To take of such contaminants, a powerful pool pump and one of the pool vacuum heads listed in this review are among the most recommended accessories to use. They are durable, have well-balanced designs that are very easy to maneuver when cleaning, have powerful suction systems that clean effectively without scratching, and or lowering the value of pools. They are also cheap and designed to work with standard pool fixtures.

10. Poolmaster 27412 DLX

Poolmaster Deluxe Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum, Premier Collection
  • Low-profile design, weighted for easy underwater control
  • Replaceable polypropylene brushes and mar-proof perimeter bumper
  • Durable ABS body and handle
  • Measures 12-inches wide

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Perfect for cleaning vinyl pools, Poolmaster 27412 DLX is a premium vinyl liner vacuum head with a light and well-balanced design that lowers hand fatigue when cleaning. It is affordable, has a compact and low profile design that penetrates all nooks and crannies in pools for a thorough cleaning experience, and has a sturdy and weighted base that prevents it from floating and or frustrating you when cleaning. On its underside, this pool vacuum head has soft and replaceable polypropylene brushes that agitate cakes dirty or debris for better cleaning. The ABS plastic used to manufacture it handle and body withstands everyday abuse well while its wide 12-inch cleaning path helps you to clean large pools in a short time. Poolmaster 27412 DLX works well with most standard pool poles and vacuum hoses and has mar-proof perimeter bumpers.

9. MILLIARD Blue Crescent

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As its name suggests, MILLIARD Blue Crescent is a large crescent-shaped vacuum head with a durable and weighted design made of heavy-duty plastic. The material is pool safe, stain-resistant, and comes fitted with a spring-loaded handle and locking clips or attaching extension poles. Setup is easy. It is also very easy to maneuver (courtesy of its crescent shape), cleans excellently along walls without scratching or damaging, and has a powerful suction system that agitates and eliminate macro and microscopic contaminants to leave your pool clean, fresh, and ready to use every time. MILLIARD Blue Crescent has soft nylon bristles on its underside that guarantee a thorough cleaning experience and has a wide 11-inch cleaning path that saves users valuable time when cleaning large pools.

8. Swimline Hydro Tools 8145

HydroTools by Swimline Clear Weighted Triangle Pool Vacuum...
  • Weighted vacuum head for pool cleaning
  • Designed for fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools
  • Triangular shape is ideal for cleaning pool corners thoroughly
  • Angled brushes for quick pick-up of debris

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If you have large outdoor pool prone to contamination and are shopping for a powerful vacuum pool head that can ease the stress of everyday cleaning, this clear and triangular-shaped Swimline Hydro Tools 8145 model will work well for you. It is sturdy, has a stable weighted design that stays sunken under pools, and has a wide and triangular-shaped head that cleans a larger area per pass. The ABS plastic used to manufacture it is durable. The angles brushes that come built in agitate and pick up dust and debris well, while it well finished and non-marring edges makes it an ideal pool head for cleaning delicate vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools of all shapes and sizes. Swimline Hydro Tools 8145 is also affordable and has a universal snap-adapt handle that fits both 1.5-inch and 1-1/4-inch hoses.

7. Splash Pools 20320

Splash Pools 20320 Wide Vacuum with Side Brush & Cast Iron Weight
  • Unique brush pattern channels debris directly to vacuum
  • Weights help vacuum hug to floor for better cleaning
  • Fits all standard telescopic poles
  • Fits all above-ground 1-1/4" 1-1/2" Vacuum Hoses

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Featuring a wide plastic head with non-marring side brushes that boost its efficiency, Splash Pools 20320 is a professional-grade accessory with a stable weighted design (using cast iron) and a unique brush pattern that funnels debris directly into its vacuum for efficient cleaning. When in use, this vacuum hugs pool floors well for better cleaning. Its versatile snap-adapt handle fits all telescoping poles and above-ground hoses (both 1-1/4 inch and 1.5-inch) while its safe and gentle cleaning design works well in delicate vinyl lined pools. Splash Pools 20320 is affordable, very easy to use, and lasts long.

6. Hydro Tools 8165

HydroTools by Swimline Weighted Flexible Pool Vacuum Head with Side...
  • Weighted brush vac
  • Ideal for both concrete pools
  • Fits both 1-¼" & 1-½" vac hose
  • Keeps your pool thoroughly clean

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To enjoy a fast and flexible pool cleaning experience at home and or a commercial establishment, Hydro Tools 8165 is one of the best vacuum pool heads to use. Its weighted head is durable, flexible, and has a stable and easy to maneuver design that does not strain the hand as some poorly designed models. The side brushes that it comes with loose dirt well and channel them to its vacuum system for better cleaning while its versatile design has a standard snap and adapt handle that fits and works well with most 1.5-inch and 1-1/4-inch vacuum hoses. Clean-up and regular maintenance are simple. The ABS plastic used to manufacture it does not break nor stain over time while its affordability is impressive.

5. Hydro Tools 8131

HydroTools by Swimline Weighted Butterfly Style Pool Vacuum Head
  • Weighted Vac head
  • Butterfly shaped design
  • Fits both 1-¼" & 1-½" vac hose
  • Keeps your pool thoroughly clean

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Favored in top 10 best pool vacuum heads in 2017 reviews, Hydro Tools 8131 is an innovative butterfly styled pool vacuum head with a sturdy and weighted design that does not float nor wonder out of control when cleaning. Manufactured using the best quality accessories in this niche, this pool vacuum is both pool and user-friendly. The standard head that it comes with fits 1.5-inch and 1.25-inch vacuum hoses while its fast cleaning and easy to use design makes it an ideal accessory for maintaining several types of pools. If money is a challenge, Hydro Tools 8131 is affordable, relatively easy to maintain, and is made of a stain-resistant plastic that lasts for years.

4. Hayward SP1068

Hayward SP1068 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head
  • "See-thru" design for fast and easy cleaning
  • Long-wearing brushes quickly loosen tough algae spots
  • Contoured shape provides for easy corner and step cleaning
  • 360-Degree swivel connector ends aggravating hose tangling

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Hayward SP1068 is a professional-grade triangular-shaped vacuum pool head with an innovative swivel head that works with 1-1/2-inch and 1-1/4-inch hoses. It has a wide cleaning path that makes quick work of pool cleaning jobs. The three brushes that it comes with agitate and sweep debris well while its see-through design is not only stylish but also guarantees fast and easy cleaning. Whether you have a persistent debris problem and or have a pool that is susceptible to mold infestations, this one of a kind vacuum head will work well for you. Apart from cleaning your pools floor, you can also use it to clean its stairs and even corners without damaging your pool and or compromising its performance over time. Order a new one from amazon for the best experience.

3. Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief

The Air Relief 27400 by Poolmaster is a classic vinyl liner pool vacuum head with a durable and weighted design that makes pool-cleaning fun. It has a wide 13-inch cleaning path, a durable ABS plastic construction, and adjustable air relief valves that generate consistent suction for a faster and efficient cleaning experience. Its low profile design is also lighter than most comparable models while the soft perimeter brushes that it comes with clean along the walls of vinyl and other types of swimming pools well without scratching or lowering their value. Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief is cost effective, very easy to maintain, and works well with most standard pool poles and vacuum hoses available in the market.

2. Poolmaster 27514

Poolmaster 27514 Clear-View Triangle Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum,...
  • Translucent ABS for full-view cleaning; perimeter vinyl bumper
  • Replaceable channel-set with polypropylene brushes
  • ABS handle and translucent body – measures 11-inches wide
  • For use with vacuum hose and standard pool pole, sold separately

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As the Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief listed herein, Poolmaster 27514 is a top grade pool cleaner with a stable and easy to use design that works well in vinyl pools. The clear plastic used to make it is aesthetic, durable, and eases clean-up. The powerful vacuum system offered cleans fast and efficiently while its well-balanced design is not only float-proof but also comes with a replaceable set of quality polypropylene brushes that sweeps pool floors well for a faster and thorough cleaning experience. It also has an integrated perimeter vinyl bumper that lowers the risk of scratches further when cleaning pools.

1. Ocean Blue

ATIE Heavy-Duty Professional-Grade Flexible Weighted Pool Vacuum Head...
  • Professional grade pool vacuum head for pool owners and pool professionals
  • Connects to 1.5" vacuum hose, vacuum size: 14" L x 7.5" W
  • Weighted vacuum head maintains contact with pool floor for effective vacuum
  • Chrome-plated metal handle for easy maneuverability

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Eliminate the hassle off pool cleaning with an original version of this Ocean blue swimming pool vacuum head. Even though expensive than some products in this niche, it is durable, has a flexible design with ball bearing wheels that ease operation, and has a durable chrome handle that does not rust nor lose its functionality over time. It has a large 14-inch cleaning path. It also has a powerful vacuum system that works with up to 1.5-inch vacuum hoses and comes with six weights that you can use to customize its performance to match the type and depth of the pool that you are cleaning. You will have a positive experience with this novel vacuum head.

Unlike what many people think, pool cleaning is no longer a daunting chore that you should leave to a professional. With a bit of time and one of the 10 models listed herein, you will be able to clean you pool fast on demand, without scratching or lowering its value.

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