The 10 Best Pull-Up Bars for Gaining Muscle, Losing Weights

A workout-out-at-home pull-up bar is one sure way of building and maintaining a sculpted physique. These units are inexpensive and offer a variety of workout options in the comfort of your home. One major advantage with these pull-up stations is that they eliminate the need for gym subscriptions. Again, we all know that, though beneficial, pull ups and chin ups aren’t the easiest exercises. However, this is significantly improved through practice. A good idea is having a pull-up bar in sight. A quick second pull-up as you leave the garage and another one as you head to the bathroom is all you need to prove your prowess at the gym.

How Do I Choose a Pull-Up Bar

The best pull up bar for you is the one that meets all your needs and is also kind to your home-based gym. That said, there are a few considerations when it’s time to get the right tool for your muscles.

 Which Are The Different Types of Pull-Up Bars? In my opinion, this one comes first. The situation of your home gym has a greater say on the tool that fits you. There are 2 types of pull up bars. Standalone power towers are tools that can be moved around with ease. They are ideal for a spacious gym. Most of them also tend to offer versatile exercise options. However, they are also heavy, pricey, and tedious to move about. You may also opt for a door/wall/ceiling jamb pull up bar. As the name suggests, these models are mounted on walls, door frames, or ceilings. They are ideal for gyms with minimal space.

 Maximum Load Capacity: This dictates how much weight the pull-up bar will support without giving in. Needless to say, you need one that supports even the burliest of bodies. It’s imperative to consider a pull bar that supports more than you weigh. This boosts your confidence levels and also offers your larger and weightier buddies some pull ups too.

 Number of Grip Positions: One sure way of getting the best value for your money is by going for a model that offers more than one grip. A pull-up bar with versatile setups means that you’ll be able to engage your muscles in several workouts. This is a big leap towards achieving your fitness goals.

10. Perfect Basic Pull Up- Great For Kids Too

Perfect Basic Pullup, Pull Up Progression Bar
  • The Perfect Basic Pullup adjustable bar makes pullups possible for any fitness level
  • An adjustable swing arm works for rows, traditional pullups, tricep presses, lunges and other body...
  • Easy to install, door remains fully functional; one size fits most door frames from 27-36 inches...
  • Features three positions from beginner to advanced; user weight limit is 220 pounds

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Gym trainers clearly advise that pull ups are mandatory in any workout program. However, it doesn’t make much sense always to hit the gym whenever you feel like pushing them. This Perfect Basic Pull up is our top pick of the best pull up bar for doorways. At below 20 dollars, this doorway pull up bar is the perfect way to convert your doorframes into a multi-gym. Perfect Basic Pull up is a sibling to Perfect Push up, Perfect Sit up, and Perfect Multi-gym all from a leading fitness equipment designer and manufacturer; Perfect Fitness. This brand was established almost 15 years ago by Alden, a former Platoon 2 commander.

What’s best about Perfect Basic is that despite its simple outlook, it offers more than the conventional door–mounted pull up bar. It also leaves minimal footprints on the frames and does not restrict any door movements. Perfect Basis is an improved version of the original model that was dark gray in color and also quite expensive at over 40 bucks. The newer version is painted white, and it’s highly affordable. Perfect Basic has a patented swinging arm design that allows you to do some traditional pull ups in Standing Rows and Australian Pull-ups.

The sweet spot with this doorway pull up is that it remains mounted on your door. Consequently, anyone passing by will get a pull up real quick. Pull ups aren’t as easy as they seem. Despite being the best in building the upper body muscles and strength, you’ll be amazed to realize that not everyone can pull their bodies up on a pull-up bar. However, this is always the case at first and improves by a huge degree if it’s done regularly and in a controlled manner. So, don’t be discouraged if you only manage 1 or 2 pull ups during the first few days.

Perfect Basic is designed to fit 27 to 36-inches wide doors. All its components (the hinges and the pull bar) are made of high-quality metal and will support up to 300 pounds if mounted properly. The package comes with 8 screws and 4 inverted rows that hold the bar in place. The installation process is pretty easy. The included paper guide has easily understandable instructions. You’ll be through with the process in utmost 1 hour. Again, the pull-up bar remains unnoticeable in the doorframe. It wouldn’t be an issue if a visitor noted it per se. In fact, it’s stylish and looks good there.

As I had hinted out before, Perfect Basic has a patented swinging arm. You can opt to rotate it down on its hinges. At this position, the bar allows you to perform rows and Australian Pull-ups. This is a good way of involving your back muscles. You’ll, therefore, end up with an all around workout having concentrated on almost every set of muscles on your upper body. Even better, leaving it at the low level gives your kids a chance to keep fit too and grow in the game.

  • Easy installation
  • Doesn’t damage your door frames
  • Usable on many door frames
  • Great for both beginners and pros
  • Impressive design
  • Not easily portable


9. Maximiza Pull Up Bar 

Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull Up Bar - Doorway Pullup Bar/Chin up Bar...
  • Build Upperbody Strength- This pull up bar for doorway use will strengthen and tone your back, arms,...
  • Safe and Secure - Heavy-duty chrome steel doorway pull up bar and door mounts provide great support...
  • Versatile Uses - Get fit and strong by using the door bar for many exercises including pull-ups,...
  • Comfortable Hand-Grips - Non-slip extra-long foam grips for extra comfort to minimize hand pain or...

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The Maximiza boasts plenty of upsides compared to most of the pull-up bars that we’ve reviewed thus far. The most obvious advantage is its incredible ease of putting up and storing after you’re done with your exercises. It’s, therefore, a go-to pull-up bar for most athletes who live in apartments that lack enough space for complex workout towers. This tool’s sleek design and great engineering has gained it a great following and numerous positive reviews from its users. A 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon by its close to 300 (when compiling this list) reviewers is quite convincing that Maximiza has won its users’ hearts.

This is a long telescopic pull-up bar that will fit any standard door with 26′ to 36′ width when extended. The best part about its telescopic design is that it gives it some degree of portability and versatility. You can decide to mount it on almost any door within its extension range. But what makes this purchase even cooler is the fact that it comes with 3 sets of screw-in mounts.

These 3 sets of brackets make it easy for you to adjust the height of the pull-up bar depending on what workout exercises you want to indulge in. This is worth mentioning considering that most pull up bars in this category carry only one pair of brackets. This becomes a bit hectic when you want to adjust the height since you have to unscrew the only pair and screw it back again where you deem right. Another advantage that comes with these setup brackets is that they can be screwed in different locations so that you’re not limited to a particular door. This helps in improving the number of ups that you can pull each day. It’s also a guarantee that this gym equipment will suit your home and is flexible to your height demands and exercise goals.

Unlike the Weider Power Tower that we saw earlier on, you don’t require much space for the Maximiza. Its compact design does not affect its versatility though. This doorway pull up bar allows an array of exercises including pull ups, chin ups, sit ups, crunches, and hanging-leg raises. Worth noting, you’re not limited to these bodyweight exercises.

You’re free to add more variations and engage in difficulty levels in your pull up exercises without any fear of breaking your back on the hard floors. But just how safe are these setup kits? The bar itself is made of heavy-duty chrome steel. It sustains up to 300lbs without any issues. Worth mentioning, the 3 sets of bracket mounts consist of 2 pairs of heavy-duty mounts that support up to 300 pounds and 1 pair of medium-duty brackets that support around 200lbs.

It’s also a great feature that the entire length of the bar is padded. The wide non-slip grips allow you to vary your hand-span and be able to engage in different exercises. The grips feel comfortable and smooth in your hand. They are also not grainy or slippery and don’t move about thanks to the rubber stops along the edges.

  • It’s height adjustable
  • Has minimal damage on the door frames
  • The entire bar is padded
  • A comfortable grip
  • Supports up to 300 lbs. of body weight
  • Has no stopper hence rotates easily


8. Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Champ Space Saving Pull Up Bar, Exercise Equipment, Home Gym...
  • SPACE SAVER GYM EQUIPMENT FOR HOME: The PT600 Power Tower takes exercise back to basics. Single-side...
  • VERSATILE HOME GYM EQUIPMENT: With so many different workout possibilities, you'll be able to easily...
  • NO WEIGHTS REQUIRED: Once you have this at-home fitness equipment set up, you'll be able to work out...
  • STURDY DESIGN: We designed this standing power tower with traction-ready grips, a height-adjustable...

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The PT600 Power Tower is what we found for you in our search for the best pull up bars under 150 dollars. One thing that really jazzed us on this one is that though a bit complex than the Maximiza and the Multi-Gym, it’s still friendly to your apartment’s space and won’t demand much of it. It also brings a variety of exercises in one gym equipment. This eradicates the need to purchase different types of gym tools for different workout options.

Though a little bit pricier than most doorway pull up bars, you’ll be amazed by the multitude of practice stations that adorn its frames. Like other power towers, the major advantage with this unit is that you won’t have to drill or screw any holes in your door frames or walls.

The PT600 Power Tower is a durable gym equipment made from heavy-duty steel, plastics, and foam padding. A nice feature with the PT600 is that it has a small footprint when fully assembled. And it assembles in a cinch for that matter. Setting the whole unit up may take you utmost 90 minutes. You don’t require any specialized knowledge to do it. Though there are several pieces to join, the manufacturer has done a great job by keeping the different parts well organized, so you know which part goes where. This is made even easier by the easy-to-follow manual. Worth noting, you don’t need any complicated tools to get the job done. A socket wrench and a vice grip are all you require.

PT600 has a height of 85.8 inches. You may need to consider your target location’s height before hitting buy. This power tower offers extreme ease of use and has different grips for the athlete. It has a push-up station, for instance, comprising of 2 padded non-slip foot grips. These will help in developing your chest muscles and the triceps. A nice feature here is that the height bars feature a universal width that accommodates different users.

It also offers a VKR (Vertical Knee Raise) station for your core muscles. For this, you get a well-padded backrest, 2 padded arm cushions on both sides, and comfortable hand grips. It does not stop here. The PT600 is also a good choice if you’ve looking for a pull-up bar with a dip station. This is ideal for chiseling your triceps and developing your arms. You’ll, however, need to be good in these exercises to get the best outcome and to prevent injuries. At the top end is the pull-up bar. This bar offers different hand positioning with different widths. As such, you’re able to develop different muscle groups.

One thing that stands out in this PT600 is that all the workout stations are positioned are positioned on one side. This is quite different from what we saw in Wieder Power Station. Does this really matter? Sure. Doubled by the small footprint that this unit has, all you need is a free corner in one of your rooms. This doesn’t come without a slight flaw, though. Tall athletes can easily hit their heads on the pull-up bar while doing some dip-ups. No wonder Wielder Power Station had the 2 stations positioned on different sides.

  • Requires less space
  • All stations are accessible from one side
  • Easy installation and ease of use
  • Slip-resistant foot grips
  • Sturdy base
  • Pull up bar restricts dip-ups for tall athletes


7. J/Fit Deluxe Pull-Up Bar For Doorway

JFIT Deluxe Multi Exercise Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips,...
  • LONGEST LENGTH BAR AVAILABLE: Made in Taiwan with high grade materials, this Pull-Up bar fits...
  • HARDWARE INCLUDED: This premium Pull-Up bar comes with all the hardware you will need, a set of...
  • ADJUSTABLE COMFORT HAND GRIPS: Made with neoprene material and easy to adjust Velcro, these...
  • VERSATILE WORKOUTS: Not just for Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups, mount to the bottom of a doorway to maximize...

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J/fit is by far one of the best pull-up bars for doorways. It’s the immediate rival of the Maximiza pull up bar. What we like about J/fit is its ability to accommodate a wide range of doorways. This bar has a telescopic design and extends up to 40 inches. This makes it easy for it to fit about any door. In fact, most reviewers preferred having it in the hallways given its wide extension range.

This brand, J/Fit, was born in the 90s out of its owner’s idea of making fitness equipment easily available, affordable, and portable for all gym enthusiasts. Today, J/fit team believes in making attractive tools that will make workout sessions fun and enjoyable. This manufacturer boasts several cutting edge gym equipment including muscle therapy tools and strength training units like pull up bars and kettle bells. This J/Fit Deluxe Doorway Pull up Bar is one of their most famous units across the internet. It’s more likely than not to feature in any list of the best pull up bar reviews.

J/fit targets to increase your upper body strength by streamlining your abs, chest, back, biceps, and shoulders without the need for any gym subscription. Unlike most workout bars, J/fit takes about 15 minutes to install and has very minimal damage to walls and door frames. Installation requires that you drill some holes to mount the brackets into which the bar is tightened. This is super easy and shouldn’t take much of your time.

Moreover, you may also decide to just tighten it in between 2 door frames or walls. This pull-up bar is fitted with rubber pads that offer a non-slip and secure fit and won’t cause any damage. The second option is quite a relief especially for those who live in rented premises. However, this isn’t recommended by the manufacturer. It may also limit the amount of weight that the pull bar can support.

It’s quite thoughtful that J/fit designed this pull-up bar to telescope from one side versus both sides. This highly contributes to your safety. In case you’re wondering, even at its full extension, the bar does not bend in the middle and still supports up to 300 pounds comfortably.

J/fit is fitted with adjustable comfort hand grips. The sweet spot with this is that you can easily remove the grips and position them anywhere within the length for your comfort needs. You can, for instance, opt for wider grips that target your back muscles or narrower grips that bring out the best of your arm and chest muscles. These grips have Velcro enclosures and can, therefore, be easily replaced. Besides the conventional pull ups and chin ups, this deluxe doorway gym bar also allows triceps dips, sit ups and crunches thanks to its versatile mounting options.

  • Accommodates wide doors up to 40′ wide
  • Can be used in hallways too
  • Comfortable and adjustable hand grips
  • The grips are removable too
  • Easy installation – 15 minutes
  • May not easily fit small sized doors


6. Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System,...
  • Portable gym that can be used as a doorway pull up bar or turned over to perform situps, pushups,...
  • Padded handles for 3 grips options: close grip, hammer grip and true wide grip pullups
  • When turned over, use padded handles for situps, pushups and dips. Sturdy, 300 pound weight capacity...
  • Patented door frame guard and adjustable design securely fits door frames 27 to 35 inches wide

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The major setback that we found with the Perfect Basic Pull up Bar above is that it isn’t easily portable. Again, it may not be ideal in certain circumstances especially where permission is required to drill some holes in the door frames. However, you still have no excuses to evade those pull ups. Perfect Basic’s sibling the Multi-Gym is a great option for the money. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym has had a name for itself since its birth. It’s quite similar to the Hemiweigh Workout Bar (featured in our other work of the best pull bars for home) only that Multi-Gym is more versatile.

Certainly, a solid player when the topic is the best doorway pull up bars, Multi-Gym is amongst the few workout tools that we found with almost unnoticeable damage on your walls and doorframes. This stylish pull-up station is crafted from heavy duty steel, foam, and plastic. It promises to support up to 300 pounds of athletes’ weight mid-air. The durability offered by its thicker-than-standard tubings can be felt right out of the box. The only shortcoming that we came across with this unit was in its quite demanding assembling process.

The package had numerous pieces to bring together which may be a little cumbersome to people who don’t fancy manual tasks. The package also includes a bag with all you need to set up the workout station. These include a wrench, screwdriver, and all the required screws, nuts, and washers. To make the process simple and straightforward, you get a detailed assembly manual with fail-proof, step-by-step instructions included in the package.

One thing that sets this bar ahead of the competition is that its installation does not require any drilling or screwing. Again, all the contact points on the door frames are padded so that no marks will be left behind no matter how intensive your exercises are. The parallel bars are bolted to a plastic crossbar on one side and the pull bar on the other side. Multi-Gym is supported by the plastic crossbar that lies on the door frame molding and 2 cushioned supports on the door frames. Worth noting, these flat molding pads have been lightly colored so that they won’t leave any marks on the frames.

Another great feature with this model’s construction design is that the height is easily adjustable to accommodate different doors’ or athletes’ heights. The height is adjusted by moving the plastic crossbar along the 5 sets of holes on the L-shaped bars. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym offers 5 padded grip options. The foam padding runs across the bar’s length and allows wide, neutral and narrow hand positioning.

Again, you can dismount the pull-up bar from the door frame and use it on the ground for a variety of exercises including sit ups, push ups, crunches, triceps dips, and leg lifts. Well, let’s just agree that this is one feature that you won’t find with most of the door way pull bars. In fact, Multi-Gym should come first whenever you think of the best portable pull bars. It measures 15 x 38 x 14 inches when fully assembled and weighs 6.2 pounds only. It’s, therefore, easy to carry with you either in camps or during holidays.

  • Causes little to no damage to the door frames
  • Easily portable
  • Adjustable height
  • Foam padding across the bar length
  • Easy installation
  • Lengthy assembly process


5. Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

Stamina Door Gyms
  • Multiple (five) grip positions allow you to build and tone upper body muscles
  • Professional quality, heavy duty training tool supports up to 250 pounds, Sturdy steel construction
  • Comes with thick padding and non-slip comfort grips, Simple assembly, portable, and attaches and...
  • Fits standard doorways, Excellent for pull ups, triceps dips, push ups, and sit ups

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The Stamina Trainer Plus is another heavy-duty, and highly rated doorway pull up bar that the market flaunts today. It has an innovative design that arranges for almost all the upper body workout training. What makes this Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus a big hitter in the leisure and fitness industry is the giant company behind it: Stamina Products Inc.

Established in 1987, Stamina is a big name with hundreds of its products flooded all over the internet and stores. This manufacturer is known for its American Gladiator Home Gym which was the first infomercial product followed by the Aeropilates performer and the InStride Walker among others. It’s also respected for its standard pull up bars like the Trainer Plus and power Towers like the 1690 featured below.

So, just what makes the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus so famous? First off, this is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing doorway pull-up bars that we came across. Secondly, this unit has a really strong build that clearly showcases Stamina’s close to 30 years experience in this department. Its unique construction is a guarantee that the unique won’t flex and will hold on well even in the most intense workouts.

A nice feature about the Stamina is that it’s not permanently mounted on the doorframe. Similar to the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull up bar, the Stamina can be utilized when mounted at the top of your door frame, at the bottom, and even on the ground. This home gym tool is designed to fit standard doorways with 24- 36-inches width. A doorway with 23-inches width is somehow narrow for the rings. Again, the door needs to have a doorway molding and a 5.5-inch trim.

The installation process is another piece of cake. Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus comes in 7 pieces all with a slip-in design. The package also includes all the required screws, nuts, and washers. Even better, you get the correct wrenches that will get the job done in at most 10 minutes. Simply put, you don’t require any other assembly tool besides what Stamina provides in the package. As such, you can set it up and begin pulling them up immediately after delivery.

This bar is supported by your body weight and the frames. Worth mentioning, Stamina is not meant to be mounted in a permanent location. Actually, this is its strength since it has other usages while on the ground. Again, this quick second setup and removal make it a great gym tool for use on about any door frames that fit the requirement. Are you afraid that this bar will leave some ugly black marks on your door frames? That won’t happen with this.

The 2 positions that the Stamina makes contact with the doorframes have been heavily padded so that no direct contact will be made between the steel and the frame. However, for greater assurance, you may wrap an old t-shirt or towel around the tips. Well, it isn’t an elegant solution but will give you some peace of mind. Built for extreme versatility, the Stamina features 5 grip positions for all the pull ups, chin ups, triceps dips, sit-ups, and push-ups that you need in your fitness regimen. The grips have a firm feeling and are about 1/8th thick and non-slip.

  • It’s pretty sturdy
  • Offers above-average number of grips
  • Built for everybody, from novices to pros
  • Aesthetically-pleasing doorway pull-up bars
  • Works with traditional door frames only


4. Weider Power Tower

Weider Power Tower with 4 Workout Stations and 300 Lb. User Capacity
  • Learn How to Strength Train with iFIT; Gain access to on-demand trainer-led workouts with a...
  • Push-up and Dip Stations; Lock in your form for a high-powered upper body workout at the 2-station...
  • Knee-Raise and Pull-up Stations; develop full-body muscle by activating core, upper, and lower-body...
  • Ergonomic Padding; Hand grips, back padding, and elbow padding are designed to keep you focused on...

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Power Tower Workout stations come in several designs and have different degrees of versatility. You may, for instance, opt for a complex home gym that offers up to 60 exercise choices including midsection, bear, and hand workouts. Our write-up of the 10 best home gyms has several units for you in this niche. Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, these units are quite expensive and a bit hard to deal with if you’re totally green.

However, a simple power tower like the Weider presents some of the basic yet quite effective features that a gym enthusiast would be looking for in a workout tool. Weider Power Tower is one of our most favorite recommendations when it comes to adding definition to your body muscles. It ranked highly on our list of the top 10 best power towers 2017. It isn’t a surprise, therefore, that it still features on this list.

Weider Power Tower is a product from a giant brand that has been in strength training for close to 30 years now. This brand’s numerous years of experience is well illustrated in this power rack’s Olympic engineering and design. The tower is named after Joe Weider, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal trainer and the publisher of fitness magazines. The exclusive feature in it is that it is a compact piece of workout equipment that offers value without draining your bank account or taking much of your gym’s space.

This unit measures 57L x 41W x 84H inches. As such, it won’t consume much space whether you decide to place it your basement or garage. Another thing that we loved about it is that it’s pretty easy to assemble and disassemble just in case you’re moving houses. However, you may need some extra hands for this. Unlike the ceiling and door frame mounted pull up bars, this one is extremely kind on your walls, doors, and ceilings. You, therefore, don’t have any problem using it whether you live in your own home or a rented apartment.

As one of its happy users puts it, this power rack is built like a tank. It’s crafted from durable steel tubes with a powder coating. Weider Power Tower offers you over 15 pull up bar exercises. You may also come up with extra variations depending on how creative you are. This is a multi-grip exercise tool that targets almost every muscle in your body. It has several pull-up stations that help in refining your arm and upper back muscles.

Its dip station is all you need to have your triceps and chest muscles chiseled out while a vertical knee raise (VKR) station with cushioned armrests targets your abs. The VKR station helps in sculpting your midsection and helps in eliminating excessive fats and water around the waist.

It also has a push-up section that works out your biceps besides streamlining your shoulder muscles and core. The Weider Power Tower supports up to 300lbs. It also supports users with height considering that its uprights are adjustable. You can, therefore, do straight legged knee raises or bent legged knee raises with much ease. It also has a removable padded and curved yoke that can be used independently.

  • Has several workout stations in one unit
  • Super sturdy for long use
  • Has padded hand grips
  • Impressive versatility
  • From a reputable brand
  • Tricky to assemble alone


3. Stamina 1690 Power Tower


Stamina 1690 Power Tower
  • WHY POWER TOWER? Power Towers allow for many different bodyweight exercises, helping you lose...
  • DIMENSIONS: 49 x 42.5 x 81 | Weight: 61 lbs
  • ALL-IN-ONE FITNESS EQUIPMENT: The versatile Stamina Power Tower 1690 can be used for pull-ups, dips,...
  • STABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Secure foam hand grips at each exercise station provide stability and...

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How crazy are you about getting those detailed and chiseled muscles? First, you’ll need a guide on how to tame uncontrollable snacking behavior that is, if you’re facing that problem. This will help you remain focused on your fitness goals. Secondly, you’ll require a good exercise tool like the Stamina 1690 to help you out. Experts and gym enthusiasts refer to it as a power tower because, well, it’s certainly more than a typical pull-up bar. This one relies on both gravity and your body weight for to offer several other workout options that a standard pull up bar just can’t.

If you’re in need of a power tower that you won’t have to spend over 100 dollars on, the Stamina 1690 is one of the best. Stamina 1690 blows the Body Vision PT600 out of the water with its affordability and design too. The major downside that the PT600 presented was the restriction that the pull-up bar caused when doing dip ups. Stamina 1690 tackles that quite easily by having the two workout stations in opposite directions. It doesn’t put PT600 down in all instances though. Stamina 1690, for instance, lacks the backrest and armrest which are quite helpful when doing some dip ups.

Like any other free-standing home workout device, Stamina 1690 does no damage to your door frames, walls, and ceilings. Again its standalone design eliminates all the tricky installation processes since all the workout stations are maintained in a single unit. It also creates a sense of safety with no fears about the walls’ or doorframes’ integrity to suspend your weight mid-air. Another reason why a standalone power tower is more preferable to mounted units is that it requires no lengthy induction on its usage.

Stamina 1690 comes unassembled in a huge box. The package contains 10 pieces that need to be adjoined to assemble the unit together. You also get 2 sealed bags of the nuts, washers, and bolts. Worth mentioning, we’ve had some issues with packages that didn’t include this or that bolts and nuts. We didn’t experience that with this unit. None of its reviewers has reported that too. Setup isn’t complicated at all if you borrow our idea and lay all the components on the ground piece by piece before starting off.

After successfully setting the unit up, you’ll realize that all the workout stations come out by themselves. Stamina 1690 boasts an ergonomic design with all its ends padded. You also get a pair of padded grips along the middle section bar that connects the vertical bars. This power station offers several basic workout options; push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and triceps dips among others. The pair of padded ankle bracers along with the crossbar near the base is the sit-up station. It stabilizes your body as you perform sit-ups, crunches and several other abs workouts.

As expected, the pull-up bar is at the top of this unit. This bar has slightly curved and well-padded hand grips. There’s another grip at the midsection. Needless to mention, the end-to-end grips help in building width while the narrow grip position helps in thickening your back muscles.

  • It’s fairly priced
  • Has compact footprint
  • Ergonomic design
  • Offers several basic workout options
  • May require dumbbells or sandbags to keep it stable


2. Prosource Multi-Grip

ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar, Heavy Duty Doorway...
  • Included Components: Optional Wall Mount Brackets
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE & INSTALL – Slip-in design fits standard doorways (24” to 36”, Up to 6 inch...

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Certainly synonymous with the pull-ups and chin-ups junkies, the ProSource Multi-Grip is another best-in-class pull-up bar that you would never go wrong with. This unit features a small footprint and offers 12 comfortable grips. As such, you’ll be turning your doorways into a multifunctional gym with about all the workouts that you need to stay fit and give your muscles a thumbs-up definition.

ProSource is quite similar to the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym pull bar and Stamina Trainer Plus. However, it advanced features and tons of grip positions qualify it as the best doorway pull up bar for the serious gym hitters. The most noticeable benefit with this unit is its boatload of cushioned grip positions that offers you a variety of pull-up options. ProSource has 5 comfortable grips. 2 of these are a few inches apart in the midsection bar. These allow you to perform close-grip and shoulder-width pull-ups and chin-ups. Another 2 in the u-shaped support will let you perform hammer-grip pull up and chin up exercises. The pair of grips on each of the end tips support wide pull-ups and chin-ups.

Of course, you’re allowed to be as creative as you could and add many other workouts. Its ease of mobility allows you to position it against the base of the doorframe for sit-ups and crunches. Like other temporary mounted pull up bars, this unit’s portability design makes it easy for you to store it away after the workout sessions.

As you may have noted throughout these pull-up bar reviews, doorframe units are among the easiest to assemble. ProSource isn’t any different. It offers 2 options when it comes to setting it up. First, you can opt to go the conventional way of mounting it up on the doorframes and removing it for storage. The second option is to permanently mount it as a permanent fixture. The necessary J-brackets are included in the package if you’ll opt for the second option.

ProSource Multi-Grip features high-grade steel frames. Its tank-like construction design is a guarantee that this unit is built to last and will be of use in your family for years to come. It safely withstands up to 300lbs of athlete’s weight. This indoor pull-up bar is designed to fit 24-32 inches wide doors. The ideal door should also have a doorway trim and molding.

The only downside that we found with the ProSource Multi-Grip and which requires thorough consideration is that it leaves scuff marks on the door frames. This is a con that fills this product’s reviews section on Amazon and other sites too. Its users invented a way to curb this by wrapping t-shirts around all the contact areas.

  • Supports temporal or permanent installation
  • Multitude of grip positions
  • From a reputable brand
  • Easy mounting and demounting
  • Foam padded push-up station
  • Leaves scuff marks on door frames


1. Iron Gym Workout Bar

Iron Gym Pull Up Bars - Total Upper Body Workout Bar for Doorway,...
  • PULL UP BAR FOR DOORWAY: Plan your home workout regime with Iron Gym Pull up bars, turn any doorway...
  • IDEAL FOR UPPER BODY WORKOUT: Iron Gym Pull Up Bars is an ideal upper body exercise equipment with...
  • HEAVY-DUTY: Constructed with heavy-duty steel, the metal chin-up bar ensures sturdiness and...
  • FITS MOST DOORWAYS: Comes in a unit packaging dimensions of 20x3.25x8 inches, it fits up to...

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Iron Gym currently tops most lists of the best portable door frame pull up bars and for some good reasons. Not that it’s a new release on the market. Iron Gym has been around for several years now, but its versatility, durability, and friendliness to your door frames and paint have kept it at the top of the game all along. This over the door pull up bar currently flaunts the most reviews on Amazon (over 3,000) and most of which are filled with positive remarks and praises.

This doorway pull-up bar is a product of Iron Gym, a Finland-based gym equipment designer, and manufacturer that has a range of gym accessories on the market. This is the company behind the Original Iron Gym pull-up bar and the Original Push-up max. Iron Gym is guided by the urge to make simple tools that offer extreme benefits to the athletes while being easy to handle and to utilize. This is the case with the Iron Gym Workout Bar.

As you’ll realize, this unit isn’t as complex as the ProSource Multi-Grip in our second best position. Despite its simple and on-point design, Iron Gym is still able to offer you complete upper body workouts in the comfort of your home and at any time. This highly functional tool has a rugged construction featuring steel frames, foams, and a plastic crossbar. The screw and bolt system is quite straightforward. You could have the workout tool on the doorframes in utmost 30 minutes in the first attempt and less than 15 minutes in subsequent attempts.

Iron Gym pull up bar isn’t meant for permanent installation. As such, it does not require screwing or drilling since it relies on leverage to stay put on your doorway. This means that you won’t be left with damaged door frames or walls to repaint. Before hitting BUY, it’s worth noting here that this pull-up bar is designed for doorways 24-32 inches wide. The doorway should also have a 3 ½ ‘ wide doorway trim or molding.

Iron Gym has a complete range of workout options for you. Besides the basic pull ups, chin ups with hammer-grip, and chin-ups with narrow grips, you can also use it at the bottom of the frame for dips, sit-ups, crunches, and push-ups. Of course, the list is inexhaustible. You could also add a little more fun to your workouts by mixing the grips. All these will help you to target different muscle groups.

All the grip positions on this pull-up bar are padded, so you concentrate on upping your game rather than painful palms. All the frame edges also have plastic caps that help in minimizing accidents. About your walls paint and door frames, the unit has heavy foams that prevent damaging them.

  • Assembles easily and quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable
  • Padded grips
  • Capped frames edges
  • Fewer grips


No one would hate a well ‘sculpted’ body with a classical V-shape. Or, at least most of us would die for it. As any gym trainer or enthusiast will tell you, the best home pull up bar won’t automatically change you into a sculpted bodybuilder. You need to pull the pull-ups and push the push-ups. What pull up bar do you use? Or have you used any of the tools in our pull up bar reviews? Feel free to tell us about your experiences in the comments section. Again, don’t forget to share this article with your colleagues, family members, and friends.

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